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Letter: North Dakota should not be going along with Common Core standards

As of recent, there has been a barrage of propaganda set forth in support of the new Common Core State Standards Initiative.

While our North Dakota Department of Education might see themselves as very successful in calming the critics of this atrocity, there are no winners in this debate, only losers.

The losers are our children, our innocent children who faithfully attend class everyday with full trust and confidence that the education they are receiving is second to none.

Common Core is a very simple concept. It is the federal government takeover of our educational system. No more, no less. I implore everyone to be very attentive to this issue. Soon it will be too big to just stuff back in the box and say we no longer want to participate.

There are so many “red flags” associated with Common Core State Standards, which our state education department now terms “North Dakota” state standards. Please be aware these standards are not impeccable as they are narcissistically promoted.

Present federal funding will be affected by scores achieved in tests created to match a national curriculum promoted by the federal government.

There was absolutely no reason for North Dakota to have signed onto these national standards. Please do your own research; our children’s lives are at stake.

Rep. Brenda Heller,

R-Bismarck, District 33