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Letter: Schmeling wrong about South Heart annexation

It seems strange that Mr. Schmeling is so concerned with “spot” zoning in South Heart, when he doesn’t even claim it as where he lives, and he wasn’t concerned with “spot” zoning when he wanted to sell the old elevator that is less than a half-mile from the school and right in town to a company that would use it for frack sand and would bring 100 or more trucks right through town daily.

He has sold other parcels of land that he needed “spot” zoning given to make the deal. Maybe his biggest concern is that he isn’t involved in selling this parcel.

The land involved in the annexation request is more than a mile from the golf course and those that built the course never saw Mr. Schmeling helping with any aspect of the construction, fundraising or labor. Seems odd he is so concerned about it now, and he wants to keep our little town a quiet town.

Why isn’t Mr. Schmeling concerned with the residents of South Heart facing higher taxes to maintain the infrastructure and school? Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t pay city taxes. He thinks it is OK to not get $1 million or so in sales tax and Schlumberger would have to pay on the products they sell. I think our biggest concern needs to be how we will maintain our infrastructure and school. No one wants higher taxes and special assessments, but without growth, the only way to maintain is to raise our taxes, unless Mr. Schmeling is willing to pick up the tab for us.

You stated that none of the 70 or so people who attended the meeting were not in favor of annexation, but many have said they didn’t speak for or against it as they had questions that haven’t been answered yet, and felt it was strange there were speakers against the annexation that don’t live in South Heart. Right now, they aren’t opposed as you stated, but don’t feel strongly one way or the other.

The city is trying to connect with Dickinson’s sewer line as the lagoon system they now have is old and too small. Where will the money come from to repair it or connect to Dickinson? The city needs to have an infusion of cash at some point, or our taxes will go up.

Linda Mosbrucker,

South Heart