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Letter: Being a commissioner ND can be proud of

The Republican Convention is around the corner, and I wanted to share in a very personal way why I think I need to be the next Commissioner of Agriculture in North Dakota.

I am passionate about the future of North Dakota, agriculture and freedom for future generations. As a partner in our farm/ranch, a mother, and a health care provider, I have serious concerns about where this government intrusiveness is going to end.

Almost every day I hear people lament how government regulation is harming us fiscally as well as intruding on our business and personal lives.

I have a strong commitment to the principle that less government intrusion is in the best interest of producers and consumers, especially as I have observed the erosion of basic property rights of all North Dakotans.

Oil and gas development must continue in North Dakota and should be responsibly fostered by the Industrial Commission. At no time should the legal property rights of mineral owners, surface owners or exploration companies be compromised. This is especially true regarding government entities or rules that these entities might promulgate.

I will be a commissioner who will defend North Dakota and agriculture ... every time.

As the commissioner, I will be a leader who listens. I love the people of this great state and will commit myself to guarding production agriculture against those forces that do not have agriculture’s best interests at heart. I have the character, integrity, and skill set to be an agriculture commissioner of whom North Dakota can be proud.

We need a candidate who can emerge from April’s convention strong, without any prospect of hurting the party ticket. I strongly believe that candidate is me.

Judy Estenson, Warwick