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Letter: Trinity should use fire as uniting point, opportunity for improvement

I know I do not stand alone in my feelings of heartbreak and disbelief over the events surrounding Trinity. To everyone affected, this has been a devastating and challenging time. The words “We rise again from ashes, from the good we’ve failed to do. We rise again from ashes, to create ourselves anew,” from the song “Ashes” took on a much deeper meaning this year, as our mission has now literally become rising from ashes and creating anew. Although my heart was saddened, it was also strengthened seeing so many of us united together after this tragedy.

I am sure there are many who still struggle with feelings of hurt, disappointment and bitterness over the events of this past year. But, we need to unite and be positive. Grumbling and dissension will get us nowhere. As passionate as some may be about events of the past, it is time to let them go, or at least set them aside and come together to face the task at hand: the rebuilding of our school.

We need to put our trust and our faith in those leading us, rather than looking for blame. Let us put aside our hurt feelings and pride, and work with and through those whom we have to lead us, rather than creating divisions. Rev. Kregg Hochhalter, the Trinity chaplain, challenged the students first to pray and then to do and say only those things that are for another’s good or are positive and helpful. I think that challenge should extend to each and every one of us as well. Let us build up rather than tear down.

President Steve Glasser said, “We cannot control what has happened, but we can control our reaction to it.” So let us use this fire to bring us closer to God and one another. I believe not only that we will get through this, but that this is an opportunity to become better. Fulton Sheen said “Mediocrity is the penalty for lack of faith.” We need to pray for and have faith in those leading us, as they guide us on this journey. We need to use this as an opportunity for improvement, rather than settling for mediocrity. Let us leave behind the old and begin to embrace the vision of what we might become, if only we unite and work together at being the best that we can be.