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Brandenburg: Goehring being unfairly attacked by Farm Bureau

I cannot begin to express how disappointed I am in the negative, mean-spirited and personal attacks the Judy Estenson campaign and a small group of North Dakota Farm Bureau insiders, led by Eric Aasmundstad, have launched against North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring.

Doug has been a key player in growing our state’s agriculture exports by 50 percent. As the North Dakota agriculture commissioner and North Dakota Trade Office board member, Doug has led many foreign trade missions to open new markets and streamlined processes to help sellers and buyers more easily do business internationally.

Doug has been a champion of private property rights. Despite pressure from the mainstream media, Doug opposed having private property included in the extraordinary places initiative recently considered by the North Dakota Industrial Commission.

Doug has been at odds with a small group of Farm Bureau insiders on some policy issues. Doug supported the farm bill passage. These insiders did not. Doug supported the coalition of farm groups including the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association that worked to craft common sense animal cruelty legislation. These Farm Bureau insiders did not.

The truth is that landowners, ag producers, legislators, energy producers and, yes, even Farm Bureau members like me from across the state, are supporting Doug Goehring.

These latest attacks are a desperate attempt to save a failing campaign. I invite readers to reject this kind of slash-and-burn politics and join me in supporting Goehring for agriculture commissioner. Please join me in supporting the one candidate who can keep the Office of North Dakota Commissioner of Agriculture in Republican hands … Doug Goehring.

Rep. Mike Brandenburg,

R-Edgeley, District 28