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Letter: Paper should re-run entire articles, not corrections

I have read The Dickinson Press for many years and have a suggestion that I believe would help with the paper’s credibility, which has come into question in recent years.

When a correction to a previous article is printed in your paper, I would suggest you reprint the entire article with the corrections in the text. Generally, the corrections are “hidden” on Page 3 or 5, where most people do not notice them or are not able to relate the correction back to the original article. That leads to misinformation out on the street and I believe that is detrimental to our community.

I believe we and our newspaper should be trying to build a community, not divide it.

Sandi Frenzel,


Editor’s Note: The Dickinson Press publishes all corrections or clarifications to articles it has published on Page A2. All stories that require corrections or clarifications are updated on the newspaper’s website.