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Letter: There are so many questions, but few answers

Yesterday, a friend from Florida and not a Catholic had heard about the “Titan Strong” fundraiser. She called a number, got an address and donated some old signs she had brought with her. 

We went to the address and she talked at length with Janelle Stoneking about art, education, etc. When she got home, she texted friends and former co-workers she knew from the Oil Patch and asked them to spread the word around and ask for donations for the cause. She then went online and made a public appeal. She’s a firm believer in education “because these children are our future.”

How is that for “oilfield trash”? They have done so much for our community and “locals,” and what have we done for them? 

Why do we not have a drug, alcohol and mental health facility? Why can’t we recruit qualified people to staff one? What are the plans for the old hospital? Why can’t our public facilities be adequately maintained and signs posted to render them safe or unsafe to protect the many people that use them? Where is our “homeless shelter?” Who raised the rent and cost of living, and the price of groceries? Wherever you go, you are asked, “Are you a local?” Why? Where is the pride and dedication our ancestors brought with them? Are the “caring people” of our community using their time and charitable acts for what they’re meant? Are they merely places to “pick up the latest” and “criticize”? Why are we building so fast to keep up that we’re doing shoddy work? Why don’t we have a dry-cleaning facility? Why are cab fares so high? 

I have many more questions. Any answers?

Carol Schmidt,