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Letter: Reisenauer would bring smart business skills to PSC

I am a lifelong, third-generation Williston resident. Our family has lived in and loved this area through booms and busts. As a student of Williston State College, I am invested in bettering myself and my community. That is why I support Todd Reisenauer for the Public Service Commission.

As a businessman, Reisenauer worked with Williston-based businesses that were negatively affected by the lack of a reliable electrical power grid and rolling “brown outs.” These thriving businesses were forced to relocate their information technology departments out of Williston, out of state even, because the risk was too great.

Reisenauer will bring his business skills to the PSC and work to ensure our state’s success. He plans to put North Dakota ahead of the curve instead of following the current PSC trend of reacting in hindsight.

We want a system thinker, like Reisenauer, who identifies needs and creates effective, efficient solutions to keep our businesses strong. Not a politician like Brian Kalk, who waits until an election year to throw together a plan which offers little more than talking points. Kalk has had six years at the PSC to address the electrical power needs for communities like Williston and has simply failed.

Todd Reisenauer has my vote for Public Service Commissioner because he will make certain our communities are growing at a sustainable rate and with a lasting purpose.

Paul W. Jacobson II,