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Letter: The excitement of DSU softball

“Can I get a hot dog?” “Unleash the beast!” “Stuntin’ is a habit.” These are parts of the chatter coming from the Dickinson State Lady Blue Hawks’ dugout.

“Na, Na, Nah, Hey! Go Blue Hawks!” With that chatter in the background, it’s been great fun watching these snappy young athletes play ball. The pop of the ball as it attacks the catcher’s mitt, followed by the dust, is a sure sign that this is fastpitch softball.

Then there’s the gutsy trip around the diamond after a base hit. I found myself yelling, “Run, run!” As they start to steal the next base, I’m shouting, “No, stop!” But if it is at all possible, they go for the “peanut butter” and steal that base. Get the Shout (a cleaning product) out. These ladies are not afraid to slide.

Have you ever seen a perfect bunt? I witnessed many at the Dickinson diamonds. I didn’t know it until the fan behind me said, “That’s a perfect bunt.” The ball slowly rolled through the air, like the earth on its axis and just dropped.

While all this was taking place, I heard what sounded like Bill Cosby chattering, “Hey, hey, it’s Big Al!” “What do we want? What do we want? Roast beef, roast beef. How do we like it? How do we like it? Raw! Raw! Raw!” There it is again, the chatter. No, it’s the sound of the NAIA North Star/Frontier Conference Tournament champions. Congratulations!

Diane Miller,