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Letter: Proposed conservation measure a bad idea

The proposed Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment is a bad idea. As a farmer and landowner, I believe the conservation practices that I already incorporate in my daily activities are enough to support the interests of conservation and wildlife management.

I support non-fee hunting on my land and also set aside acres for habitat. My farming practices are no-till because this is first, a prudent financial decision, and second, it conserves the land for future generations.

One of the big reasons I oppose this measure is because of what it could mean to our future generations of farmers. The huge amount of money collected through this measure would allow environmentalists to buy land and take it out of farm production, which means fewer opportunities for our future farmers. It could also lead to a dramatic expansion of fee or limited access hunting on lands owned by these groups.

We all support protecting North Dakota’s outdoors and wildlife, but it needs to be done in a well-planned and financially responsible way, not only for us, but future generations as well. This measure doesn’t do that, and that’s why I oppose the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment.

Tracy Mellmer,