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Letter: Where are the priorities in ‘our town’?

I read with interest in “Quick Hits” that they were looking for short-term facilities to house wild horses and donkeys! I wish I had an oil well or two. I would build a permanent homeless shelter for the “least of our brothers.”

Did you know the church-organized shelters (bless them for what they do) can’t accept women? An alcohol, drug and mental health facility in “our town” would be well-used! Sorry, all you unfortunates who aren’t “locals.” You’ll just have to sit in our municipal and county jails for months throughout the state because the “waiting list” in every facility for treatment is so long you can’t get in. “No personal ties — no bonds!” (That’s OK. The taxpayers are paying for it!)

Do I have a personal interest? Yes, because “By the grace of God, there go I.” Am I worried? No! “Pray, hope and don’t worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayers.” — Padre Pio

I wonder what the cost of a “liquor license” is? How many are there in “our town?” Our state? Did you know a local government subsidizes housing units in “our town” is denying housing to certain elderly for “opening their hearts” to “the least of our brothers” periodically this past fall and winter?

Life is interesting. I watch “our town” grow with curiosity and interest and wonder what the next project will be. A tower? Really? Where are our priorities?

P.S. I was born and raised in North Dakota and am proud of my heritage. I love it here! I only pray that I won’t be forced to leave because of the cost of living.

Carol Schmidt,