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Letter: Same promises, different election

My grandmother, Annabelle Kubik, recently passed away. I’ve received lots of cards and calls from friends and neighbors the past two weeks, and one common memory is that “she was so smart,” “she was so well read” and “she knew what was going on in the world,” “for a ranch wife.” As if this should be surprising.

She was a smart cookie, and she often told me, “you can predict the future by studying the past.” As it applied to ranching, as it applies to politics, and as it applies to individual behavior.

We know that every two years, our legislators will come out and walk in parades, give speeches, send glossy mailers, put up billboards and yard signs, and make promises that “this time it will be different.”

Rep. Vicky Steiner, R-Dickinson, was quoted in The Dickinson Press on Tuesday, stating that the 2015 legislative session “will be a watershed legislative session” for western North Dakota.

I don’t know about you, but I heard that in 2012, 2010 and 2008. This bi-annual parade of promises from the North Dakota Republican supermajority hasn’t been very honest.

Promises for property tax relief, promises for schools, promises for roads, promises for day care, promises for health care, promises for law enforcement and promises for emergency services.

Promises to ensure the basic safety and security needs of our families.

Nothing is different, except that western North Dakota is hurting even more. My grandma Ann would say that doing the same thing with the same poor results was just stupid.

The public isn’t stupid, and I encourage everyone to ask the tough questions. Look at the true record of the Republicans and make your voting decisions in November carefully. By studying the past, we know that their promises made in July are usually broken by January.

Mandy Kubik, Dickinson, Democratic-NPL candidate for District 37 House of Representatives