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Letter: Handling of Sander case a letdown by veteran officers

I would like to comment on the editorial in Sunday’s paper, “What we learned from the Sander case.” I have read all the articles that The Dickinson Press published in the paper regarding this case and in my opinion, this case seems to have been botched from the get-go.

Yes, I agree that mistakes happen, but this seems almost too big of a mistake. How can veteran officers of the police department (one, I might add, who is running for Stark County sheriff) miss such a crucial part of the investigation as to not have read Mr. Sander his Miranda rights. Now we wait for something or someone else to be brought to justice for this horrible crime.

Again this will mean more time, manpower and money that are probably not easily available in an already bombarded Dickinson Police Department. I feel let down that this was not handled properly and I hope the citizens of Dickinson, particularly the Trinity school system, keep fighting until this crime is solved. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion.

Michaela Duerre,