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Letter: Thanks for the memories

Ten years ago, I moved to Dickinson — at the suggestion of my uncle — to take a job as the music director at Trinity High School. Having just completed graduate school from the big city of Grand Forks, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable and even more worldly. At that time, I thought that I would be in Dickinson and at Trinity for no more than four years. I had convinced myself that junior high and high school teaching was not for me. In fact, I had thought that for some time. But soon four years turned to five years and five years to 10 years, and somewhere along the line I realized that junior high and high school teaching is exactly what I wanted to do.

In Dickinson and at Trinity I grew as a musician, as an educator and as a person. I have been blessed to work with amazing administrators, colleagues, patrons and students, and together we created a wonderful music program. It wasn’t always easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.

This week I will say goodbye and leave Dickinson to assume a position as the instrumental music director at Central Cass High School in Casselton. It was a far more difficult decision than I ever thought it would be and people may wonder if it had anything to do with the fire. The answer is simply, no. In the end, it was an opportunity that I felt I needed to pursue. And so I want to say thank you Dickinson, thank you faculty and staff, both past and present of Trinity High School, thank you patrons and thank you to all of my students. This will be a time that I will never forget. Thanks for the memories.

Jeff Dasovick,