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Letter: PSC oversight commendable, but needs to be better

In response to Julie Fedorchak’s commentary published in the July 18 edition of The Dickinson Press: I commend the Public Service Commission for being proactive concerning our state’s transmission pipeline infrastructure by implementing construction, operation and safety programs, and stands for pipelines dedicated to the state’s oil and gas industry.

What I find to be a significant issue is pipeline right-of-way reclamation and maintenance. We currently have about four miles of oil infrastructure pipeline under our property. These pipelines have created a major mess with dangerous cave-ins, slope washouts and weed issues prevalent. Reclamation is poorly done with maintenance and slope repair slow to come or nearly impossible to get in some instances. If the Public Service Commission wants more oil infrastructure pipelines, they need to implement programs that will assist landowners with surface reclamation and maintenance issues so we can continue utilizing the land in a safe and sustainable manner. Farming and ranching is still a major industry within the state, and the land deserves better treatment than it is receiving.

Lee Rebsom,