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Blue Alert alert concerns assault against Bismarck police officer

Letter: Stark County deputy’s response in Taylor unnecessary

Just prior to the start of the parade in Taylor on Saturday morning of the Horse Fest, as the streets were lined with eager parade watchers visiting with friends and neighbors enjoying the festivities — the Stark County Sheriff’s deputy, who was positioned on the east end of Taylor to halt traffic during the parade, apparently received a call to respond to an accident.

The officer immediately headed down through the main street of Taylor, with his lights flashing and his sirens blaring at a very, very excessive rate of speed. The parade announcer and myself were sitting on the reviewing stand, and witnessed what could have been a nasty situation, as there was a gentleman in the process of crossing the street at this time. What if there had been a child that would have bolted into the street, not hearing the siren, as the wind was not in a favorable direction for all bystanders to realize what was happening.

We were informed later the call the officer was responding to was west of Dickinson. Had he used some common sense and waited till he was through town to accelerate to the speed he chose to travel down the main street of town, he would have arrived at his destination a whole 30 seconds later!

This type of irresponsible driving only endangered the spectators that day. We need to have more responsible direction given to these deputies! It’s time for a new sheriff.

Sue L. Larsen,