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Letter: Article about accident didn’t have all the information

I was reading The Dickinson Press on Saturday morning, Aug. 9, when I came across the article about my 14-year-old being struck by a SUV on the previous Thursday afternoon. The information provided to The Press for the article lacked some very important information.

I understand The Dickinson Press prints only the information they are provided; therefore I will fill in the blanks. It was Thursday afternoon and my 14-year-old son and two of his friends were riding bike to the community center. They were at the island on the north side of Burger King crossing south (not crossing Third Avenue West). The three teens saw a lady coming down 15th Street West. There was a red light for her to yield before turning right. My son started to cross. The lady continued driving and caught my son’s front bike tire. His hand got caught in her tire and she ran over his hand. She continued driving two car lengths before stopping. She got out and looked at my son, then got back into her SUV and left. A homeless man that was standing on the island rushed to Burger King to call an ambulance and returned to my son with a bag of ice for his wounds. There were a couple others that tried to help by temporarily directing traffic and photographing the lady’s license plate. With the information from these people, the police were able to locate the woman. We were told by an officer in the emergency room that the woman was located. She is in her 90s.

I was irritated that the article had my son’s age listed and not that of the 90-some-year-old woman. It was not mentioned that she did not stay with the injured teen, but left the scene of the accident. These details were important to me and I wanted them to be expressed.

Karie Moore, Dickinson