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Letter: Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment would do so much for ND

Maybe some readers out there have heard of the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment. I would like to point out how important this measure is for our state. The Clean Water Amendment would be helpful in keeping North Dakota a prime destination for tourism, hunters and fishers included.

We’ve seen plenty of new North Dakotans come to our state because of the opportunities in the West, and that is giving us a chance to invest in that industry for the beauty of our state. The job industry for oil and gas development is large, in addition to that 1 in 12 jobs is driven by tourists coming out our state.

This amendment would make sure there is money for projects that provide habitat for deer, ducks and pheasants. Maintaining the well-being of wildlife for our state is important for current generations and those to come as well. We should be conscious of the tradition our land has for being the host of such a lively ecosystem. The Clean Water Amendment would also fund projects that will benefit our fisheries. Not only would the preservation of fish and wildlife be something that contributes to keeping our state a natural beauty, but would also keep hunters and fishers from around the state coming back for more of the North Dakota experience.

North Dakota needs to consider this amendment. Approving it in November will help our outdoor economy to grow, and preserve our hunting and fishing heritage.

Sandi Kruse,

Grand Forks