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Letter: Stop lying about Measure 1

Voting settles issues. But when opponents manipulate with lies, that’s not democracy; that’s deceit. There are a lot of lies being said about Measure 1.

Measure 1 wants to add these words to the North Dakota Constitution: “The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.” What voters need to know in November is that a yes on Measure 1 merely supports pro-life laws our legislators pass. It will not outlaw invitro-fertilzation, interfere with end-of-life directives or crises pregnancies, or make abortion illegal.

North Dakotans Against Measure 1 are misinformed or intentionally lying because their website claims Measure 1 would do all of those things, including making abortion illegal. Measure 1 protects pro-life laws, such as requiring parent notification before a girl has an abortion — parents should have the right to parent, after all — or receiving full disclosure on the abortion risks, and that only licensed physicians with hospital admitting privileges can perform abortions. These laws are common sense because they look out for the well being of women.

Measure 1 will prevent pro-abortion forces from challenging prolife laws as unconstitutional (as happened in Fargo last spring). With the right to life on our constitution, it will support legislation if challenged in court. It was our own legislators, not out-of-state groups as NDAM1 incorrectly state, who introduced and passed this proposed amendment.

In a nutshell: Measure 1 supports any pro-life legislation that is passed so it won’t be overturned in court as unconstitutional. And that’s it. Please take note, NDAM 1.

Patti Armstrong,