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Letter: Amendment would give North Dakota new state parks

As we approach this Labor Day weekend, I am reminded that North Dakotans work hard and we play hard. The time we as North Dakotans have to enjoy our nice spring and summer weather is precious to us. When we have the opportunity of nice summertime weather, many North Dakotans get out and enjoy the great outdoors. We do this by camping and fishing. I’m sure many of you have your favorite spot at your favorite state park and hope you get to enjoy it this Labor Day weekend.

Despite being blessed with billion-dollar budget reserves in recent years, it has been more than 30 years since North Dakotans have gotten the opportunity to enjoy a new state park. The Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment can change that. This initiated measure proposes to take a small portion of existing oil tax monies and provide the opportunity to purchase a state park for North Dakota families. What an opportunity for North Dakota families to make lasting memories at a new state park. Please stand with me and my family and support the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment by voting in favor come this November.

Paul H. Myerchin,