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Letter: Putting the Glendive Creationist Museum on my bucket list

So Glendive, Mont., has a Creationist Museum. It is too bad the group Americans United for Separation of Church and State decided to squelch plans for student field trips to the museum. It’s also too bad that it is perfectly OK for students to be indoctrinated with the Evolutionary Theory in school, but they aren’t allowed to be exposed to the Creationist viewpoint.

After all, evolution is a theory, and in the dictionary I have, it states that a theory, among other things, is a hypothesis, a guess, a conjecture, a speculative opinion — hardly absolute fact. What bothers me about evolution is that plants and animals — and all living creatures — have to have things in place before they can multiply efficiently. In other words, parts need to be predisposed to operate efficiently. Otherwise, the creative process just doesn’t work. Timeless trial and error is not vested with intelligent design. Creativity requires planning and not blind fate.

I really don’t like this idea of separation of church and state. To me, there should be a cooperative sharing between the two entities. So, I feel this is something that the founding fathers got wrong. When it comes to knowledge, people should be allowed to be exposed to various ideas, and it would be up to the individual as to what one wants to accept and what one wants to reject.

We are born with an intellect and a free will. So, the choosing must be with the individual, not with state or religious entities.

I will put the Glendive Creationist Museum on my bucket list of things to visit. I find it fascinating to entertain diverse perspectives on controversial topics.

Not everything is always cut and dry, so speculating about the many possibilities and sharing points of view should be an acceptable part of everyone’s educational and lifetime experience.

Craig Kappel,