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Finding the perfect party dress

Volunteers with the Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center are getting prom and party dresses ready for the upcoming sale on Saturday.

The sale is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Ramada Grand Dakota Lodge and Conference Center. Dresses of all sizes are being sold for $25-40 with  the proceeds going to the center.

Committee member Rhonda Dukart described the event as a win-win for everyone.

“Many folks who donate the dresses say they’re delighted to make someone else happy because they’re not going to wear them again,” she said. “And we see young girls who are not in a position to spend hundreds of dollars, but still are getting a very beautiful dress, and every single dollar goes to the shelter.”

The committee continues to ask for donations of gowns even though there were dresses left over from last year because of a snowstorm, Dukart said.

The selection includes dresses suitable for the upcoming St. Joseph’s Hospital charity ball, Dickinson State University Yuletyme, winter cruises, weddings and parties, Dukart said.

“They’re not extremely formal dresses, they’re just fancier than what you’d wear for church on Sunday,” she added.

The committee also takes dresses on consignment. The first $40 of the asking price goes to the shelter, and the owner keeps whatever sells beyond that, Dukart said.

Vendors will be available for girls to match jewelry and accessories.

Several high school girls have gone through last year’s collection of gowns to eliminate any deemed out of style.

“There lot of different kinds, every kind you could possibly want,” said Dickinson High School student Katelyn Hoerner, who modeled a gown.

“There’s little bit of everything,” added DHS student MaKayla Rivinius.

Volunteers will be on hand to help find and fit the gowns.

“We haul the dresses to the Ramada and price them — it gets to be a crazy, busy day,” Dukart said.

Among the volunteers will be Heather Kelley, the Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center’s direct services provider and child advocate.

“It helps the program immensely with funding budget cuts, grant-wise, across the board,” she said. “We have been over capacity I’d say for the last six to eight months, but we do what we have to do.”

Kelley said the prom and party sale is a good fit for the services she provides.

“It’s for the teens who cannot afford an expensive dress, but are able to find a dress at the end of the day,” she said. “The biggest thing is it allows the teens to participate in a prom, homecoming, whatever the case may be.”

Dress can be dropped off at the American Bank Center, Consolidated  and Hair Ovations.