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The Arc of Dickinson installs platform elevator lift for Southview tenants

By Linda Sailer

The residents of Southview Housing at 560 Eighth St. SE may now visit each other without having to walk up and down the stairway.

The Arc of Dickinson recently responded to a letter from the tenants, requesting the need for some type of elevator for the two-story apartment complex.

“The letter put in motion the ‘get-er-done’ attitude of The Arc of Dickinson’s board of directors,” said Executive Director Pam Kolling. “A  platform elevator lift was installed in October.”

The Arc of Dickinson’s mission is to assess and meet the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Long-time friends Julia Van Daele and Juanita Odenbaugh found it difficult to visit one another’s apartments because they lived on separate floors at Southview.

Now, they step into the lift, push a button and hold on to the railings for a ride to either floor.

The lift cost came to approximately $34,000. Purchases and donations made at The Arc Aid Thrift store helped fund the project, Kolling said.

Southview’s other housing unit also has two levels, but structure of that building will make it more difficult to install a lift, Kolling said.

The Arc of Dickinson has been in operation since 1969. It owns and operates The Arc Aid Thrift Store, Southview and Dickinson Arc Housing, an administration building and four intermediate care group homes that are leased by a local provider.

Other projects funded by proceeds from the Arc Aid Thrift store include security cameras in the apartment complexes, a bathroom remodel, updated carpeting and linoleum in several apartments, new windows, siding and air conditioning at Dickinson Arc Housing and a keyless entry for tenants.

Purchases and donations made at The Arc Aid Thrift store help fund projects.