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Beach High School to present 'Krazy Kamp'

Eve (Lexi Nistler) and Alva (Bailey Waldal) discuss how to keep the boys from destroying their wonderful, clean summer camp in rehearsal for Beach High School's "Krazy Kamp."

The Beach High School senior class transports the audience to the lazy days of summer camp with swimming, archery and hiking adventures.

However, summer camp was never like the one in the upcoming comedy production, “Krazy Kamp” by Tim Kelly. The performances are at 7 p.m. Sunday and Monday in the Lincoln Elementary School at Beach. Admission is free.

“The students picked the play this year,” said director Brianna McDaniel. “It’s a good comedy. The kids are having fun with it and want to share it.”

On one side of the beautiful Lake Lookeeloo is Camp Pocahontas, a resort for young ladies. On the other side is Camp John Smith, inhabited by a wild bunch of unruly young men.

Camp John Smith was declared “unfit for habitation” and given a few days to get itself in shape. The camp director pleads with the Pocahontas director to allow the boys “shelter” for a day or two.

What happens when peaceful Pocahontas shares space with the crazies from John Smith?

There is a parade of flakey intruders and associates: Elmer Crumb from the carnival and his associate, Cleopatra Nile, who never travels without her snakes; Clams Marinara, the infamous hood; and a poison ivy victim who resembles a walking mummy.

“We have lots of different types of characters,” said McDaniel, who is a high school English teacher.

Paige Rising is performing as Vivian Vandersnap, a character described as a stuck-up girl who doesn’t want to be at camp.

“It’s been really fun at practice,” she said. “It’s exciting to see everyone out of character and trying something different.”

Rising encourages the entire family to drive to Beach for the performance.

“I think it’s really funny, and it’s sure hilarious when we’re actually performing it,” she said.

Bailey Waldal plays the character of Alva Doright, an assistant at Camp Pocahontas. It’s her job to keep camp together when everything is falling apart, she said.

She’s enjoyed rehearsals, as well.

“It’s been fun,” she said. “Sometimes, you don’t hang out with classmates. Here you get to see them at play practice.”