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Jo-Jo Bean's promotes natural skin products

Press Photo by Linda Sailer Jean Bloomgren sells her line of homemade scrubs, lotions and balms during a craft and vendor sale on Dec. 7 in Dickinson.

By Linda Sailer

Jean Bloomgren of Dickinson has launched her business, Jo-Jo Bean’s, with a line of homemade scrubs, body butters, lotions and balms.

She has been experimenting with various formulas found on the Internet.  She modifies them until she can call them her own.

 “I have kids with very sensitive skin,” she said. “They have really dry and itchy skin. Some of the (commercial) products actually burn.”

Bloomgren and her husband, Jason, are the parents of a daughter and three sons. The name of the business is credited to their daughter’s nickname, Jo-Jo Bean.

The idea to start a home business is traced to Sept. 21, when she participated in a Downtown Dickinson Association festival. The merchants were asking for home vendors to participate.

“I’d been already making my own scrubs for personal use and to give to friends, but I thought I’d try to see if there was any interest… and there was!”

She credits her success to people who are looking for homemade and natural products.

Bloomgren started with scrubs and then went to balms and body butters.

One product line looks like ice cream cones, but they’re actually “bath bombs.” Drop them into the tub and they fizz, releasing nourishing oils for the skin to soften and relieve dryness.

Bloomgren orders the basic ingredients from online suppliers — companies that specialize in natural and organic products.

She uses essential oils for people with allergies, and synthetic fragrances with novel names such as “cotton candy” and “marshmallow.”

“My oldest came up with a scent combination he called ‘Smores’ for the body butter,” she said.

In response to customer requests, she researched the Internet on how to make natural lotions.

“The lotions sold out — they are a good seller,” she said.

Bloomgren admits she’s made errors while formulating her products.

“I experiment on my family and then I have a group of girlfriends I call my quality control,” she said.

She works in her kitchen and dining room when the little ones are napping or her husband is home to watch the children.

“Right now, it’s crazy,” she said. “For the next week, I’ll be doing a bunch of Christmas orders.”

For more information about the products, contact her at or call at 701-260-0631