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Helping children through art

Courtesy Photo Weston Voss stands by his painting titled “Crude Night.” He will donate a portion of the sales to a charity that benefits children.The painting can be seen in color at

Weston Voss of Gladstone is a heavy equipment operator by day, but uses any free time to pursue his passion for painting.

The 27-year-old recently completed a 7-foot-by-4-foot piece titled “Crude Night” that he hopes to sell by bids. He would donate a portion of the sales to a local charity that benefits children.

“I want to use my talents to help the less fortunate at Christmas time,” he said.

Working for Baranko Brothers, Voss drives by  oil rigs on his way to work. He used one of his photographs of a rig as the inspiration for the painting.

Voss is taking bids on the painting until Monday (later if necessary). The minimum bid starts at $500.

Voss said his work can be seen around town at various local businesses, such as Armstrong Corp., Stix and Twigs and Serendipity.

“I primarily use acrylic on canvas and recently started making my own frames, stretching the pieces myself,” he said.

Voss also paints floral landscapes and western themes that may incorporate wildlife.

“Pretty much, what somebody wants in a painting, I do my twist on it,” he said.

A native of Dickinson, Voss has lived in Texas, California and Missouri due to his father’s profession. His passion for art began at a young age and it became an outlet for life’s struggles when his dad died in 2001, he said.

Voss credits Dickinson High School art teacher Tod Winter for his guidance.

“One thing that really inspired me was a phrase that Tod once said about the key to a good piece of art is to keep the viewer’s eye moving,” Voss said.

He has competed in various art shows and received first-place awards. Since returning to Dickinson, Voss hosted a workshop at Dickinson State University.

He set up an art studio in his garage, but prefers to paint on the kitchen table to be near his family.

Voss’s goal is to start his own art business. He has submitted various designs to companies for their skateboards, energy drink cans and hats.

To submit a bid, call Voss at 701-290-2167 or by email at