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Tribes compete in 'Survivor' parody: Performances by Beach High Junior Class

Submitted Photos Pieter Voorhoof (Nathan Fischer), left, and Bo (Sam Stoveland), center, discuss the game show, “Survivor,” while Brink (Chris Novotny), right, films the action.

The Beach High School Junior Class will present a fast-moving parody of the popular CBS television series, “Survivor.”

The contestants  face hunger, fierce challenges, the mango lady and lots of cheating during the comedy performance.

Performances of “Survivor: Every Vote Counts” are 7 p.m. today and Monday in the Lincoln Elementary School.

The play, written by Kelly Meadows, is directed by Brianna McDaniel.

In the synopsis of the play, the audience is asked, “How do you stop a charging rhino? Same as always — take its credit  cards. Danger, romance and mangos? Who knows what awaits the contestants as they cope with the elements of nature. It gets wild out there on the savannah.”

Series host Pieter Voorhoof tries to fight against the American propensity to make everything stupid, witless and trivial.

Co-host Suzanne Smiley keeps track of the folks who, one by one, get voted out of this high stakes game.

The play is described as having quick-witted dialogue, zany characters and a fast- moving plot to keep audiences smiling from start to finish.

Cast of Characters

Pieter Voorhoof: Nathan Fischer.

Brink: Chris Novotny.

Suzanne Smiley: Channa Clarin.

The Mango Lady: Ashlynn Dietz.

The Venda Tribe.

Zammi: Coy Obrigewitch.

Mauritius: Channa Clarin.

Sierra Leone: Lexy Partridge.

Namibia: Kirby Maus.

Mick: Talon Nielsen.

Bo: Sam Stoveland.

Rudy: Marshall Muruato.

Felix: Robbie Norton.

The Voortrekker Tribe.

Brandy/Ashley: Lateasha Lechler.

Ladonna: Callie Loftsgard.

Chartreuse: Coy Obrigewitch.

Marianna/Malta: Taylor Abraham.

Edsel: Ashlynn Dietz.

Mustang: Hunter Weinreis.

Stage assistants: Baili Nielsen and Ashley Ueckert.

Set design: Abel Muruato and Hunter Weinreis.