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Solving crimes in fairy tale land

Prosecutors (Heather Godlevsky and Michaela Herring), at left and right, question the three little pigs, Cody Johnson, Gregg Opstedahl and Keaton Zeller in a rehearsal scene of “Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit” on Tuesday at Hagen Junior High School.

Characters from fairy tale and nursery rhymes work together to solve crimes in the upcoming production of “Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit.”

The Hagen Junior High School Drama Club will present the one-act comedy by Jonathan Rand at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and again at 3 p.m. Sunday in the Hagen gymnasium.

The play features seventh-and eighth-graders, as well as two elementary-aged children who play a wide range of characters.

“There’s lots of hidden humor in the play,” drama coach Betsy Devero said. “The kids are having a lot of fun discovering who each of the characters are in the fairy tale world.”

The students have been involved with onstage and offstage aspects of the play, coming to school on Saturdays to build and paint the sets and props for the show, she said.

“We have one more cloud to hang up and the sets are basically done,” she added.

Devero, who is the eighth-grade language arts instructor at Hagen, has enjoyed seeing the students grow and learn throughout the rehearsal process.

The cast includes Connor Devero, Catelyn Devero, Harrison Zimmerman, Hillary Moberg, Matthew Berglund, Kaylie Stockert, Kody Johnson, Michaele Havelka, Caitlin Kolling, Tianna Hansen, Cora Knipp, Ashley Davidson, Maren Scheutzler, Greg Opstedahl, Keaton Zeller, Michaela Havelka, Kaitlyn Whitten and Heather Godlevsky.