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Halliday prepaers for party as it turns 100

The Halliday Main Street is shown in this vintage photo. Halliday is preparing to celebrate its 100th Centennial celebration.

The streets have been swept clean, the Centennial books have arrived and the organizers are anxiously waiting to greet family and friends to the upcoming Halliday Centennial.

The Halliday Lions Club has organized three days of activities for the entire family. Registration starts at 4 p.m. Friday and continues Saturday morning at the City Hall.

“The Centennial is to celebrate the past and honor those people who came before us, and to look to the future,” Lions Club president Carolyn Klopp said.

Klopp adopted Halliday as her home after living on the West Coast and more recently in Bentonville, Ark. When a friend invited her to visit Halliday in 2007, she decided to stay.

Klopp left behind bumper-to-bumper traffic in Arkansas to live in a rural community. But as she jokes now, the traffic has followed her north.

Klopp is an active member of the Halliday Lions Club, which took on the monumental job of organizing the city’s 100-year birthday party. Volunteers have stepped forward to help with plans for the parade, school’s open house, classic car show, quilt show, carriage rides, horseshoe tournament, music in the park, street dances and gospel concert. The Union Bank also is sponsoring a free barbecue.

The original Halliday was started in 1900 as a post office. This would make it the oldest town in Dunn Center, according to records from “Dauntless Dunn 1970.”

The location was the ranch home of William Halliday, located two miles north of the present city. In 1914, the post office was moved to where the community was already under construction.

A history book committee has worked countless hours to compile stories of the area’s families, businesses, school and organizations.

Spearheading the book committee were Barry Van Wagner, Marian Bosch and Dianna Weidner. Together with 10 other volunteers, they sent out nearly 1,000 letters, asking for participation.

The book is a compilation of the 50th and 75th anniversary books, plus an update.

“We have a beautiful centennial book,” Bosch said. “It’s a very complete, new edition.”

The committee found numerous photos that depicted Halliday’s past, including the town barber cutting a child’s hair, a  steam engine, the school building, branding and early harvesting equipment.

“We have a picture of what the city of Halliday looked like the year the train when through,” she said.

Bosch came to Halliday in 1971 when she married John Bosch. She has taught physical education and English at the Halliday Public School since 1973.

“I’m looking forward to meeting former students and seeing relatives and being around all our friends,” Bosch said.

She invites everyone in the area to help the community celebrate.

For details about purchasing a book, contact Bosch at 701-938-4351.