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Preparing for 4-H Days: Hibl sisters appreciate the diversity of 4-H

Kara and Kelsey Hibl of Dickinson are nearly finished with their projects for the upcoming Roughrider Days Fair & Expo/4-H Division.

Often covered in sawdust, the sisters have spent many hours working on their projects for the exhibits.

“Our cars haven’t been in the garage for two weeks — we’re either staining, sanding or cutting,” said Kara, a sophomore at Dickinson High School.

“Kara is a lot closer to being done than I am,” said Kelsey, a sophomore at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

The daughters of Alida and Loran Hibl, this is their seventh year as 4-H members. They are members of the Double H 4-H club and their mom is the leader.

Kara has submitted entries into the wood working, glue solutions, sewing and child development categories. She made a planter with a trellis, blankets, a jar filled with children’s games and a new geocaching container.

Kelsey made a burlap wreath, a scrapbook and a wall plaque and is finishing a quilt — that’s what she can remember at the moment.

The diversity of their projects are designed to teach new skills. 4-H also is an opportunity to meet other members, Kelsey said.

“I’d have never started archery unless it were for 4-H,” Kara said.

The goal is to win blue ribbons at the local competition, which qualifies the entries for the North Dakota State Fair in Minot.

Kelsey has additional goals in mind — she plans to enters five more categories.

In communication arts, she is preparing a speech to entertain — playing the role of a typical teenager with apps on her phone.

With consumer choices, the contestants compare four similar products and decide which is the best.

With buy and show, she purchased a low-cost suit jacket and shirt (purchased for $9) to model on a runway.

Her favorite competition is the film festival. She, and a friend, Brittnay Berger, made a stop-motion animated movie.

“You take a picture, stop and move the object and take another picture,” she said. We took about 3,000 pictures set to music to tell the story of objects on a dresser that come to life as I go to sleep.”

The girls have competed at the National 4-H Film Festival, and hope to attend again this year in Branson, Mo.

“We’ve gone to the national conference three times now and we’ve taken first and second in animation,” she said.

As a fifth project, Kelsey is entering Project Expo.

“It’s like science fair. You have a display board and talk about a project. I’ll talk about how to solve the Rubrik’s Cube.”

Kelsey likes the diversity of the 4-H program.

“You can be covered in sawdust from the woodwork, and then wear a dress on the runway of a fashion show,” she said.

Living in town, the sisters don’t pursue animal or garden projects, nor did they like land judging. But they did get hooked on photography and have learned the basics of sewing.

They described 4-H as a family project.

“We spend so much time in the garage with dad or sewing with mom,” Kelsey said.

The non-living exhibits will be available for public display at the Biesiot Activities Center starting from 7-8 p.m. Monday, June 30, and also throughout the day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, July 1-3.