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Showcasing the power of antique tractors: Tractor and pickup pull set at Schefield

Victor Binstock, who farms half-mile west of Schefield, uses his 1966 International 806 for small jobs on the farm, such as running the grain auger. The tractor has been a workhorse, but Binstock is soon to learn how it compares to other tractors of similar make and model. Binstock, along with Mike Schoch, have organized an antique tractor and pickup pull scheduled to start at 1 p.m. Sunday, June 29, at Schefield. The event was added to the schedule of the Dickinson Roughrider Days Fair and Expo. Everyone is invited to attend. It also coincides with the annual St. Pius Verein picnic. “It’s something extra for the people,” Binstock said. “After the meal, we can go and watch the tractor pull.” A similar tractor pull was held for the Schefield centennial. “A lot of people came out to watch and we had a good turn-out,” Binstock said. “We’re hoping this year for a better turnout.” Binstock purchased the International from a neighbor, who had it in storage for 12 years. He got the tractor going with a few parts such as a starter, battery and tires. Binsotck has worked with Internationals all of his life. This is the first year that he will enter the tractor in competition. “We’re getting the grass cut and track ready,” he said. “There’s not much to do with the tractor — I’ll take it off the farm and put it into the pull,” Mike Schoch, who also farms near Schefield, plans to enter several vintage tractors from his collection. “I’ll let my uncles and cousins drive some,” he said. “My dad will likely drive one too.” Schoch will take several of his favorites — a John Deere 620, a John Deere AR and a Minneapolis Moline Model Z. This year’s tractor pull will be more official than previous events because a sled is coming from the Old-Time Tractor Pull Association, Schoch said. The sled tells how much how much weight is pulled and how fast it’s being pulled, he said. Tractors manufactured from 1974 and earlier are eligible. This is the first year for pickups; but unlike the tractors, any make and model can be entered. “This year, I’ve got a few guys who have modified their tractors, and we’re going to have a few modified pickups too,” he said. “I don’t have a clue how many pickups we’ll get.” As a collector of vintage tractors, Schoch said the challenge is to keep them running. “Mine all run, but the biggest thing is to keep the batteries charged because they are sitting around,” he said. The audience will likely include retired farmers, he said. “The old guys like to come out and watch the show — they like reminiscing about the old tractors that they used to drive,” Schoch said Registration is $20 per tractor or pickup. The tractors and pickups will weigh in between 11 a.m. and noon. Late entries only will be allowed to pull exhibition. Participants will have a chance to win cash and other prizes. Admission to the event is a freewill offering. Burgers, brats and refreshments will be served by the St. Pius Verein. Bring a chair if you would like to sit.