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'Celebrate the West' in a lollipop woods in Dickinson

Visitors to Candy Land will travel through a peppermint forest, pass by a gingerbread tree, go through the lollipop woods and into the chocolate swamp. Along the way, they will be tempted with food stations and auction baskets.

Candy Land is the theme chosen for the Richardton Sacred Heart Monastery's annual "Celebrate the West" fundraiser on Saturday, Sept. 17, in the Elks Lodge, 501 Elks Drive, Dickinson.

The 16th annual event features themed cuisine and beverages. Silent auction and live auctions complete the evening.

"Expect the unexpected has been our motto and always guides us in choosing our event theme," said Ila Perhus, assistant Foundation director. "When Chancee Porter, our decorating chair suggested the Candy Land theme, we could immediately envision a world of imagination and fun."

Celebrate the West Candy Land starts at 5:30 p.m. with the opportunity to view more than 60 gift baskets and individual pieces that have been donated by businesses, artisans and individuals.

"Community support for our 'Celebrate the West 'event is so amazing and far reaching," said Sister Renee Branigan, Foundation director. "Psalm 34:8 comes immediately to mind... Taste and see that the Lord is good."

The live auction begins at 7:30 p.m., with Ross Glass, G & G Auctioneers, as the auctioneer.

Proceeds will go toward the Wellness Center at

the monastery.

"'Celebrate the West' is our major fundraiser," said previous prioress and member Sister Ruth Fox.

"It's to help with our renovation, one portion or the other -- last year it was windows," added Sister Paula Larson, prioress. "This year, we will continue with the general renovations."

"Our committee likes to come up with creative ideas for the theme that are always fun, exciting and attractive to people," said Fox.

"We have fantastic support from southwestern North Dakota," Larson added. "The emphasis of 'Celebrate the West' is to generate income for the sisters, but the other thing is for sisters to have a good time."

Reserved tables are available. For ticket information, call 701-974-2121.