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All invited to Dickinson street festival

Community members will gather Thursday in downtown Dickinson at the intersection of First Street and First Avenue West for Alive @ 5.

The band A Avenue will provide music from 5-8 p.m., and vendors will be on-site with food, refreshments and more.

A Avenue is a southwest North Dakota party band that specializes in playing classic and modern rock favorites, along with old country favorites.

Winners of Army's West 2007 Battle of the Bands, the band thrives on putting a spin on popular songs from the 60s through today.

A Avenue was formed in 2004 by guitarist Nick Romanyshyn and drummer Jeremy "Jamsz" Spaeth.

However, the band went through many changes to find the best musicians who project charisma and feed off of the group's chemistry, according to a press release.

Romanyshyn is a classic and vintage guitar aficionado who can switch between solid rhythm playing and lead solos. With Spaeth on drums, he combines new technology and heavy percussive beats that create a backbone for the group.

Dustin Moore (aka "Big D") has been lead vocalist since 2006. With his recognizable voice and personality, his take on the front man role is a down-to-earth interaction with audiences. Bassist Jason Klemm rounds out the low end of the rhythm section with years of experience playing in bands around the area.

They have been performing throughout the state and plan to record an album this fall.