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Our Town advice: Speak To Sarah

Dear Sarah: I get the feeling that my boyfriend is interested in another girl. She is one of his long-time friends and I always seem to find him texting her. When we run into her, he talks to her and she will talk to him but seems to avoid talking to me. If we see her together in public and he doesn't say hello first, she acts like she doesn't see us. How can I make sure their relationship doesn't develop into something more than a friendship?

-- Worried Girlfriend

Dear Worried: Insecurities can arise when people feel threatened and they perceive that another person is interfering with their relationship. It can be detrimental to a relationship to try and fix something without having all the facts and can lead to unwarranted conclusions. Try initiating the conversation first to get her insight into their relationship. This should give you a better understanding if it is platonic or if she wants it to go in a more intimate direction. Consider that she is his long-time friend and it sounds like they have never pursued something more than just being friends. If you continue to act jealous out of your own insecurity, it could push them into that direction when they weren't even going there in the first place.

Dear Sarah: My husband works for an oil company and we recently moved to the Dickinson area from Colorado, where we were involved in a lot of outdoor activities. Since moving here, my husband has been sitting around more, eating fast food in his truck while traveling to different jobs and isn't taking initiative to take care of himself. I love my husband but I'm not as physically attracted to him since he has gained weight. He is a great man, and a great husband and father. But he just isn't doing it for me anymore. What can I do to help him get his sex appeal back?

-- Wife needs help

Dear Wife: Aside from weight gain, it sounds like you may be frustrated that you had to give up the activities you enjoyed together that aren't as available in your new surroundings. Moving is a major life change and changes like those are known to lead to weight gain from time to time. In Dickinson we have many available opportunities for you and your family to have fun while getting exercise. Try suggesting that you all go to the West River Community Center and go swimming or rock climbing. You can enjoy walking in Rocky Butte Park or plan a hiking trip in the Badlands near Medora. You can encourage your husband to eat better meals by helping him pick out better snacks or purchasing better options for a packed lunch for him to take a long for his meal breaks.

Sarah is a Dickinson resident who graduated from Dickinson State University with a

degree in psychology. To ask her a question, email or write to Speak to Sarah c/o The Dickinson Press

at PO Box 1367, Dickinson, ND 58601.