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Real Deals gears up for holidays

Decorations and mementos that form traditions and memories throughout the years are part of what makes the holidays so special.

With the holiday season just around the corner, Real Deals of Dickinson is gearing up and preparing to help its customers celebrate and commemorate.

Things have changed since the east Dickinson retailer opened up three years ago. Two of the original partners are gone and Cheryl Regeth recently joined her sister-in-law, Trudie Neurohr, as a partner in the franchise.

"The other gal that just left. She has little kids at home, so she just was pretty tied down," Neurohr said of her former partner.

Real Deals stores are open Thursdays and Saturdays and feature an ever-changing inventory. For the first time this year, Real Deals stores will be open on Fridays through the holiday season. The change kicks off this week with an open house Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

"We don't have to go out and shop for the best prices and the best deals," Neurohr said.

Real Deals has the atmosphere of a high-end thrift shop, but all its merchandise is new. Local franchisees have control over their inventory but can offer warehouse prices because the corporate offices purchase large orders and pass the savings through the company.

"It's a challenge to figure out what your customers want because every place is different," Neurohr said. "Our corporate store tests stuff in their store, but they're in Idaho."

The corporate office encourages store owners to find unique props to display merchandise on. At the Dickinson location, signs are displayed in an old washing machine, and an old screen door from Regeth's ranch in rural Manning has found a new home showing off merchandise. "It's full of holes and it's all rusty," Regeth said. "If you touch it, it might fall apart!"

The merchandise is just as unique as the props. In order to keep things fresh there are usually only a handful of each item.

"Your customers get to know that if they see something here, they better buy it because we don't have deep inventory," Neurohr said.

"And you don't know if you'll get it back again, either," Regeth added.

Getting new merchandise every week is just as exciting for the partners as it is for the customers.

"When you see it on a computer screen, it's nothing like when you unpack it," Regeth said. "It's like Christmas for us all the time when we're unpacking."

The ladies spend their evenings unpacking boxes after finishing their full-time jobs. Regeth even drives from her ranch to Killdeer for her day job, and then heads south to Dickinson to do her part at Real Deals.

"This is the busy time, so I expect it -- and we are here dang near every night," Regeth said.

Real Deals on Home Decor

1434 I-94 Business Loop East

Dickinson, ND 58601



Hours: Thursday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (possibly later)

Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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