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Veterans memorial completed

The Dunn County Veterans Memorial is shown in this undated photo at Killdeer.

The Dunn County Veterans Memorial has been completed in Killdeer, but there still is time to have a name etched in the black granite.

"We started two years ago," said Clive Pelton, who served on the committee. "The Halliday and Killdeer Legion posts got together in securing the site."

The site, dedicated July 4th, is located in southwest Killdeer.

"Go to the rodeo grounds and turn left," said Pelton, who served during the Korean Conflict from 1951-52.

The memorial is in honor of all the veterans from Dunn County who served in the military.

"Were going to add some more names next spring because not everybody has a name on it," he added. "We are planning a Memorial Day service next spring honoring these veterans."

The memorial was raised with donations by people who wanted names included.

"We raised a phenomenal amount of money this year -- it's all paid for," he said.

In addition to the names, the memorial features emblems of each branch of the military service. Flags fly above the memorial, while benches are provided for visitors. There is no front or back --names are placed on both sides if the memorial.

Pelton said 1,349 names are engraved, but the committee is hoping to add 200 by next spring. The names represent veterans who have served from World War I through present conflicts.

"We have several families who have three or four generations of names," he said." We're proud of them and want to honor them."

"There's room for another 400 to 500 names," he added. "We'd like to have the new names by March 1."

If families delay in submitting a name by March, it's likely to be another five years before a third etching is planned, he said.

For more information, contact any committee member or call Pelton at 701-764-6112.