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Wedding misadventures at South Heart High School

Press Photos by Linda Sailer Ellard (Trevor Ridl) shows Virgil Sludge (Evan Privratsky) the lizard trap he made to catch a mate for his pet lizard, Barnie, in a rehearsal scene of "Virgil's Wedding" on Thursday at South Heart.

SOUTH HEART -- It's the social clash of the century when Ms. Delanie, a high-end wedding planner, is hired to direct a simple ceremony for two of Lickskillit's high school sweethearts.

A wild set of misadventures unfold before the nuptials are exchanged in the South Heart High School performance of "Virgil's Wedding" written by Eddie McPherson.

"The idea of a proper wedding and the mom's idea of proper are very different, drama director Sheila Hlibichuk said.

Delanie, with the help of her assistant, Barbie, is guaranteed a promotion if the wedding of Margaret Hooper and Virgil Sludge is a success.

However, the in-laws decorate the church with Christmas garland, the pastor arrives late with notes for a funeral service and the groom ends up spending the night before the wedding in his best man's lizard trap.

The bride's mother told her to marry Mr. Right, but the bride becomes confused when Delanie's boss, Mr. Wright, shows up at the wedding.

"The play is contemporary as back-hills people can be," Hlibichuk said.

The South Heart cast includes 19 students in grades nine through 12.

"We try to squeeze in practice between sports' seasons," Hlibichuk said. "We practice at 7 a.m. so students can still keep their jobs and be involved in sports. They show up and that's really important."

Hlibichuk said the theater experience is an opportunity for students to practice their talents for acting.

"I'm there to supervise, but they take over everything else," she added.

The cast includes Jerica Buckman as Ms. Delanie, Jennifer Praus as Barbie, Kali Heiser as Margaret Hooper, Evan Privratsky as Virgil Sludge, Trevor Ridl as Ellard the best man, and Mikayla Kuntz as Bertha Mae.

Privratsky describes the bridegroom as a back-hills guy who's into himself.

"He loves his bride, but doesn't show it a lot," he said.

Heiser described the bride as being insecure.

"She thinks she's ugly and that Virgil is marrying her because he feels bad for her," she said.

Ridl describes Ellard as a really goofy guy.

"He always makes jokes with everybody the whole time he's trying to catch a lizard," he said.

Kuntz added that her character as Virgil's sister, tries to convince Margaret that Virgil really does love her.

The cast also includes Skylar Steffan, Tyson Kudrna, Lexi Wagner, Dylan LeBlanc, Alec Lindsey, Clayton Tangen, Lexi Wagner, Seth Privratsky, Kalynn Watson, Preston Kubas, Addison Olson, Katlyn Binstock, Nettie Splichal and Brady Synnes.

Zach Miller, assisted by Jana Schweigert, is responsible for sound, while Jada Mattson and Jessica Praus have lights.

The performances are 7:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, April 20 and 21. Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for students.