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J.LoRae Perfection Services
407 S 2nd St
Glen Ullin, ND 58631
Perfect Solutions. Perfect Results. Perfect Bliss.
Providing professional organizational services


J. LoRae Perfection Services provides a wide range of services for your every day organizational needs. 
We offer specialty organization services for:
  • Estates
  • Divorces
  • Move-in/Move-outs
  • Auction Preparation
  • Office Efficiency
  • Seasonal Cleaning
  • Post Construction Clean-up


Serving Dickinson, Bismarck & surrounding areas.

For regular monthly services, we provide appointment spots for homeowners to organize an area of their home every month at a much lower rate. In addition to providing organization services and coaching, we also work with organization systems suppliers to help make your space more time-efficient and maintainable. 

Our goal is to show you how to get organized and maintain that system long after our services have been fulfilled!