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Life's more fun being a dad

Scott and Beth Tschetter, Dickinson, are celebrating Fathers Day weekend by taking their son, Colin, to the carnival.

Its something they wouldnt have done a year ago.

Lifes definitely changed. Its changed for the better, said Scott.

Colin just celebrated his first birthday June 10, surrounded by family. His grandparents are Candace and Gary Odegard, Dickinson, and Mike and Susan Tschetter, Watford City.

He loves spending time with his grandma and grandpa, said Beth. Now, we have a house full of toys.

The couple met at Dickinson State University. After graduating in 2001, Scott accepted a job as a loan officer at American State Bank. Beth works parttime as a licensed practical nurse at the Dickinson Clinic.

Scott models his parenting skills after his own father.

My dad was very good with kids. Im the second oldest of five, he said.

A typical day in the Tschetter household starts around 7 a.m.

Scott gets ready for work while Beth dresses Colin.

They have breakfast together and Scott plays with Colin before leaving for work. Beth enjoys her mornings with Colin, and works three afternoons a week. They both return home by 5 p.m.

I try to get dinner started, said Scott. Beth takes care of cleaning and I take care of cooking.

After dinner, they play with Colin, go for a walk or work in the yard. After Colins bath, hes tucked into bed for the evening.

They take turns getting up at night if Colin wakes up.

Most of the time, he needs his pacifier and goes back to sleep, said Scott.

Colin is on the verge of walking by himself.

He doesnt sit still. He finds it easier to crawl, said Scott.

If Colin is tired or hurt, he goes to his mom.

When hes ready to play, he comes to me, said Scott.

Scott and Beth admitted having a few surprises about parenting.

&just how smart babies really are. They know the word no but dont obey it, said Beth.

One change is packing takes a little more planning, said Scott.

The thing thats fun is never knowing what to expect, said Beth.

It takes a lot of dedication, said Scott.

The decision to remain in Dickinson was centered around family.

Family is very important to us. We both went to school here and decided to stay here, said Scott.

They previously lived in a townhouse, but having a baby made them realize they wanted a bigger house with a back yard.

They just moved into a three-bedroom home on Fir Street (northeast Dickinson). They learned four other boys, all under the age of 1, live on the same block.

Were pretty excited to find out, said Scott.

Their lives are busier with a baby in the house, but they love every minute of the experience.

Its so much easier getting up in the morning to a smiling baby, said Beth.