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Advisory board hopefully strengthens ties to area residents

As you may have noticed with the advertisements that are running, The Dickinson Press is taking applications from individuals in our eight-county primary coverage area who are interested in serving on a volunteer advisory board. Now you may wonder why we are creating such a thing.

A primary reason for creating a newspaper advisory board is to establish a more distinct relationship with residents of our area. As the advertisements soliciting applications for the board state, the group of individuals is to meet quarterly. It's felt by meeting this frequently, we and our residents can directly talk more often about what is taking place in the region.

We want this advisory board to be a sounding board for us. That's not to say we're going to agree about everything; that's just being human. But it's hoped by getting together in this fashion, we all can help each other pause and think a bit more about what is taking place, what is important and how we can reflect this in the stories we write and the photographs we take.

It should go without saying this also is going to be a learn-as-you-go process, as The Dickinson Press has never before pursued this type of board. We hope at least one person from each of our eight counties steps forward to help provide a better link to his/her communities.

We are truly excited about the conversations that can be shared through this type of group. We hope the individuals who apply can help us create a board that has a legitimate cross section of the residents who live in our region.

So get in front of your computer or pull out that pen and paper and submit your letter of application that includes some background on yourself. The deadline for applications is Friday, Feb. 29.