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Editorial -- Press adds more content, pages

Over the past two weeks you may have noticed some positive additions to The Dickinson Press. The good news is when you open your Press this coming Tuesday morning, those positive changes continue as we roll out an expanded newspaper each day.

Two weeks ago, we expanded the business page coverage on Tuesday to feature no fewer than two local stories per week. We also anchored the business page in a position in the newspaper that guarantees the use of color photographs and graphics with our stories.

We then brought back the outdoors page to our Wednesday Press. The outdoors page is on the cover of our second section on Wednesdays to again take advantage of the section front color.

We consider southwestern North Dakota to be one of the premier destinations in the state for outdoors enthusiasts. When you consider we're home to the state's prime pheasant, mule deer and antelope range, there's a lot of interest in the outdoors. The biggest man-made reservoir in the country also is in our back yard with Lake Sakakawea, as the big lake is a major attraction for many of our region's residents from April through November.

We then expanded the farm page on Saturday, which again is anchored in a position that guarantees use of color photographs and graphics. Along with the research-based and ag insight stories we have been providing you, we've added a regular feature story on farm families who work in our region. These stories are to recognize the fact that individual family farms are the backbone of our region and the state, and we want to share the successes and struggles of farm families in our region.

Coming with this Tuesday's Press, you will see a reorganized product that provides additional pages for more content and a better presentation.

We are moving the paid obituaries, funeral and death notices to page 4, and when necessary will overflow these items to adjacent page 5. This provides ample space and a distinct "package" for these items when they are large in number.

We are moving the weather graphic from page 2 to page 3. This opens page 2 to now fully take advantage of its full-color capabilities from a local story and advertising standpoint. Our local photos now have the space to be used appropriately and in color on page 2, while our advertisers also have an additional opportunity to use color in their messages.

We are moving the opinion page from page 4 to page 6. The "What's Going On" calendar that features the dates and times of the various meetings for organizations and lifestyle-related events that's been on page 2 also is appropriately moving to the daily lifestyle page.

There also are other additions in the works as we are pursuing individual weekly pages specifically for the youngsters among us and the seniors who reside in our eight-county coverage area. We hope to organize these additions, along with our weekly food page that features Sue Doeden, in a manner that gives you a little something extra special to look forward to each and every day we publish.

We are very pleased with the additions we've already made and are very excited about those that are to begin on Tuesday. We hope that you find added value in our product from a reader's or an advertiser's perspective.

As always, we welcome your comments on these additions and encourage you to e-mail us at, or drop us a line at The Dickinson Press, P.O. Box 1367, Dickinson, N.D., 58602.