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Letter - Sales tax amendment allows Dickinson to remain progressive

To the editor:

Our community is fortunate to have strong, visionary leadership. Under their guidance, we have very limited special assessments, we maintain a future fund for future financial stability and provide amenities to southwestern North Dakota to improve our quality of life.

Not too many years ago, as a city, we were spending money and not being a progressive city. We were stalled and going nowhere.

In 2001, voters approved a one-half percent sales tax and we began to move forward and make our city the envy of the state.

We now have a great community center used by local residents, visitors and school children from much of western North Dakota. The same success would be available to us if we vote "yes" to the sales tax amendment on the June 10 ballot.

Our commissioners have earned our trust over the past eight years. Public input is sought at every commission meeting and meetings are aired on Channel 19 and the media reports on all key issues. As taxpayers, we have ample opportunity to let our feelings be heard.

The sales tax amendment simply uses the same language that has existed in the first sales tax since the early 1990s. This election is not about a particular project. It is about allowing the flexibility of having a progressive and attractive city which is a regional center for southwestern North Dakota.

Vote "yes" on Ordinance No. 1351 on June 10.

Jack Olin