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Friez has choice of being mayor or council member

DICKINSON - Hettinger's Gary Friez has a decision to make.

Friez can either take the town's mayoral position for the next four years, or become a city council member for two.

Having no candidates on the ballot for mayor, Hettinger citizens were forced to write someone in on Tuesday. Friez collected the most votes with 9. Randy Raasch collected 8 write-in votes and John T. Wolfe had 7.

Friez received 283 votes in an uncontested bid for a two-year unexpired term as a Hettinger City Council member, a position he was on the ballot for.

In the other city council race, the two available four-year terms were filled by Shannon LeFebre and Kim Markegard who garnered 231 and 212 votes, respectively.

Open park board positions in Hettinger were filled by Richard "Scott" Howe, Shane Yates and Scotty Ecker.

Howe and Yates won the two open four-year positions after collecting 188 and 11 votes, respectively. Mark A. Baker garnered 8 write-in votes.

Ecker won the two-year unexpired term position with 159 votes and Baker received 118 votes.

Hettinger residents overwhelmingly choose to keep publishing their city council minutes by a 275-23 margin.

Meanwhile, in Reeder, Travis Finck is the new mayor after collecting 29 votes to Jerry Lutz's 20 and Cyrus Robertson's 2 votes.

Dennis Munro and Derald Wagner will fill the two city Alderman positions for the next four years. Munro collected 47 votes, Bugner received 34 and write-in candidate Todd Donner collected 13 votes.

Donner won a seat with the Reeder Park District, where he won an uncontested contest with 37 votes for the two-year unexpired term seat.

Bruce Verhulst and Dayne Green won the two four-year positions up for grabs in the Reeder Park District with 51 and 41 votes, respectively.

The citizens of Reeder voted to continue publishing their city council minutes by a margin of 46-3.

The city of Haynes also held elections Tuesday, choosing Phyllis Thompson as a city Alderman when she defeated Rebecca Qualls 7-4.

Haynes City Council notes will not be published due to three "yes" votes being cast and 7 "no" votes.

Bucyrus residents elected James Schaf with 5 votes in an uncontested race and Ardella Dschaak as Alderman with 5 votes as well in another uncontested race.

Council minutes in Bucyrus also will not be published due to the measure losing following a 3-0 margin.

Hettinger's school board elections also took place with Jodi K. Arndorfer and Laura Slater representing the rural and city communities, respectively, for the next four years. Arndorfer collected 472 votes and Laura Slater collected 463 votes, both in uncontested races.

Kathleen Thompson and Corie Lien faced off for a two-year unexpired term on the school board, which Thompson won with 316 votes and Lein garnered 189.

Hettinger County

Cities throughout Hettinger County also held elections Tuesday.

In really the only contested race, Morgan Kouba and Lyle Hoffer beat out Gary Greff for the two available positions on the Regent city council. Hoffer collected 62 votes and Kouba had 59. Greff gathered 21 votes.

Also in Regent, Terry Hartman won two uncontested elections. Hartman won the mayoral race with 75 votes and the Regent Rural Fire Director race with 74 votes.

The three park district positions up for grabs in Regent went to Kevin Miller, Merle Stewart and Rod Meier who collected 70, 69 and 70 votes, respectively.

Regent City Council minutes will be published due to a margin of 62-14.

In Mott, meanwhile, all but one of the city Alderman positions were filled in uncontested races.

In Ward 1, Aron F. Scheeler gathered 255 votes; the Ward 1, two-year term was won by Corey D. Johnson with 257 votes and Ward 2 was won by James Larson collected 247 votes.

The Mott City Ward 3 position was won by Dale A. Zich with 158 votes. Dianne Morrell earned 122 votes.

Two positions for the Mott Park District were filled by Stacey Hertz and Brian Manolovits. Hertz had 96 votes and Manolovits had 4.

Mott City Council minutes will continue to be published due to a 236-25 margin.

All of New England's races were uncontested races with Derald "Butch" Schmidt winning the Ward 1 city commissioner position with 128 votes; Allen Schmidt winning Ward 2 with 116 votes; Brian Herald winning the two-year unexpired term seat in Ward 2 with 137 votes and Ward 3 went to Lyle Kovar with 144 votes.

The New England Park District race was decided by write-in votes, with Dave Frank, Todd Fitterer and Jason Jung all receiving 6 votes and John Plagemeyer and Shawn Wolfe each receiving 5.

Hettinger County Auditor Roy Steiner said they will go down the list and ask each if they will serve until the fill the two open positions.

Minutes will continue to be published in New England due to a 134-6 margin.