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Seventh Annual Highway 21 Treasure Hunt begins today

DICKINSON - Bargain shoppers looking for a 1952 Pontiac Chieftain, a 12-foot trampoline or a fishing boat might want to travel down and take a trip on Highway 21 this weekend.

Those are just some of the items for sale during the Seventh Annual Highway 21 Treasure Hunt, a huge rummage sale taking place today and Saturday.

Sale organizer Luann Dart isn't too surprised by the variety being offered at the sales, as it isn't your everyday rummage sale.

"Not really, it's so much bigger and people know that they're going to get the attendance so they put those things out there," Dart said.

Bargain hunters can travel to eight communities located on Highway 21: St. Anthony, Flasher, Carson, Elgin, New Leipzig, Mott, Regent and New England. Over 100 rummage sales are listed for the event and lists are available at certain vendors in each town to help shoppers locate them.

The listings can be found at: Fitterer Oil and Gas, Highway 21 Cafe and PJ's Farm Supply in St. Anthony and Flasher; S & V Country Market and Cowboy Country Cafe in Carson; Our Place Cafe and Reiny's Drive-In in Elgin; Star Grocery in New Leipzig; Pheasant Cafe in Mott; Metal Magic in Regent and the New England Community Store in New England.

"What's nice about it is that it's a real community coordinated, working together kind of thing," Dart said.

The event got started seven years ago when Dart's husband, Sam was doing some economic development work in the area and he noticed a lot of the communities were having city-wide rummage sales.

"He thought there must be a way to tie all these together and make it one big event," Dart said.

The first year's event was smaller than this years', with only around 70 sales, but it grew quickly, Dart said.

"It kind of has legs of its own each year," Dart said. "I have people calling me in January to see when it's going to be so they can plan for it."

In its seventh year, the event has seen people from across the state come and shop at the various sales.

Dart said it's a good activity for a family just looking for a fun weekend.

"It's just really fun for people," Dart said. "A lot of the people we see are carloads of people who are out just for a fun family weekend."

And will there be enough time if one of those carloads wants to hit each sale? Dart said there's a reason why it's a two-day event.

"If someone seriously wants to go to every sale and take their time it's going to take two days," Dart said.