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Refuse truck dumps burning load in parking lot

DICKINSON - The Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department reported a Dickinson refuse truck's load caught on fire Thursday morning.

Chief Bob Sivak said the call came in around 5:16 a.m.

"The truck dumped its load by Trinity High School in the parking lot to avoid damage to the vehicle," Sivak said.

He said eight firefighters and two fire trucks responded.

"It wasn't a big blaze, but there was some debris in there," Sivak said. "There were some combustibles we did have to extinguish."

Sivak added the truck driver stated he heard a muffled explosion.

"We did find some computer monitors in the debris and there was one of them that was basically blown apart," Sivak said. "So in the heat of the fire, it must have exploded a computer monitor."

Sivak said there was no damage to the truck or property.

"The street and refuse department worked together to clean it up," Sivak said.

The fire department left the scene of the incident at 6:32 a.m.

Sivak said the cause of the fire is undetermined.