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Richardson joins Stark County Sheriff's Department

DICKINSON - The Stark County Sheriff's Department is now fully staffed, thanks to the recent hiring of Kiel Richardson.

Richardson joined the department on May 12, shortly after completing his academic law enforcement training.

"I graduated from the academy on May 8," Richardson said.

Sheriff Clarence Tuhy said many people who get into law enforcement are hired before they actually complete their academic training. Richardson finished his training before he was hired by the department.

"It's getting harder and harder to get good, qualified people with the training already (completed)," Tuhy said. "I'm glad to have him on board."

He added although there are not any openings in the department, he wishes they had more help.

"As busy as we are, we haven't got enough people yet," Tuhy said.

Although Richardson has finished his academic training, he is still undergoing field training. Deputy Fern Moser is supervising Richardson's training.

Richardson said his academic training prepared him for the field training, and he has yet to encounter any surprises on the job.

Richardson said his father, who is a police officer in Billings, Mont., is the reason he was attracted to law enforcement. His brother is also an officer in Bozeman, Mont.

"I guess you could say I come from a long background of police officers," Kiel said.

Before going to the academy, Richardson worked in Arizona for a construction company.

"I drove semi for a company out of North Dakota," Richardson said.

Since he has started a family in Dickinson, Richardson decided to look for career options that would let him stay closer to home. It didn't take long for him decide to go into law enforcement.

"I've always wanted to do this since I was a little kid, so what better time?" Richardson said. "About four weeks before the academy, I found out they (the sheriff's department) had a position open."

Now that he is finally pursuing his interest in law enforcement, Richardson said he plans to stick to it.

"I love it," Richardson said. "I'm out doing something different every day."

Another reason Richardson enjoys his new career is the idea of being able to take criminals off the street.

"He's going to be a benefit to Stark County," Tuhy said.