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Trooper deploys Taser near Medora

DICKINSON - The North Dakota Highway Patrol reported on Thursday that a trooper deployed a Taser at a Dickinson man Wednesday evening.

Cmdr. Eric Pederson, from the Southwest Region in Bismarck, said the incident was a first for the region.

"This was the first time that we've had one that was deployed in a real life situation," Pederson said.

He added the troopers were just issued Tasers this year.

"It was just an additional safety factor for the public," Pederson said.

He said the Taser was used after a struggle to arrest 31-year-old Josh P. Olson of Dickinson.

He added the incident occurred between 9:30 and 9:45 p.m.

"A trooper responded to a report of a vehicle traveling at a very high rate of speed without any headlights after sunset," Pederson said. "The trooper and a Billings County deputy located the vehicle and they did get it on radar at 113 miles an hour."

Pederson said the trooper, whose name he would not release at this time, stopped Olson's vehicle about three miles west of Medora on U.S. Interstate 94.

"The driver was placed under arrest for a DUI and became violent," Pederson said. "He shattered both the passenger side windows and ripped the in-car video camera off the...patrol car."

It was at this time that the trooper deployed his "electronic control device."

"The suspect was...taken into custody at that point without incident and without any injury to the suspect or the trooper," Pederson said.

He said Olson was taken to Dickinson's Southwest Multi County Correctional Center. Pederson added the incident has been referred to the Billings County State's Attorney's Office.