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Air Pollution Control Advisory Council to hold meeting

BISMARCK -- The North Dakota Air Pollution Control Advisory Council will meet at 10 a.m. today at the North Dakota Department of Health in Bismarck to discuss amendments to the North Dakota Air Pollution control rules, including ambient air quality standards, prevention of significant deterioration and air toxic rules.

"Basically we are changing our rules to match federal rules primarily," said Tom Bachman, senior environmental engineer for the North Dakota Department of Health. "We will be adopting ambient air quality standards to the new federal standards for PS 2.5, PS 10 and Ozone."

Bachman added they will also be updating their Prevention of Significant Deterioration rule to match federal requirements, as well as adopting maximum achievable control technology standards.

"The other major change is that we will be incorporating into our rules some requirements for a source to prove that they had an unavoidable malfunction," Bachman said.

Generally, Bachman added, North Dakota air standards lag behind approximately one to two years from federal standards, and that the updates will not be costly to the state.

"It's basically just updating current standards so we don't see it as an extra cost," Bachman said. "As far as the industry goes it will be a fairly simple adjustment we don't see any problems in the industry adjusting to those standards."