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Letter - Skate park's closing removes a choice

On May 12 of this year, the Parks and Rec of Dickinson shut down the skate park.

North Dakota has only so many nice days to do outdoor activities such as skateboarding. Our area youth look forward to getting outside after being inside for the winter months.

I was on the round table committee as a member to decide on where to relocate the new skate park. Since then, I have dropped out due to the actions that were taken by the park board.

By taking away activities for our youth and not replacing them with another choice, to me shows that lack of care and concern for our youth. Why not set up a temporary location until the new skate park is built.

Was the skate park taken down due to the eyesore from the onlookers, or because of the negative behavior. Back in September 2005, Dickinson S.A.D.D. offered to put in cameras to be interconnected to the Web site of the city of Dickinson, which was rejected.

Whatever the reason, the welfare of the kids was not part of the decision.

Kids need choices of things to do. If the positive choices are gone they will look elsewhere.

Ken Kubischta