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Wetzel arrested

DICKINSON - Dickinson's Joel Henry Wetzel, 59, was arrested on Monday in connection to a shooting incident that occurred on July 8.

The Dickinson Police Department's investigator, Joe Cianni, said Wetzel was recently released from Bismarck's St. Alexius Hospital. Wetzel has been recovering from injuries sustained in the shooting.

Stark County Sheriff Clarence Tuhy said Wetzel has been charged with reckless endangerment and burglary.

"The warrant of arrest was served on him Monday when he was picked up in Bismarck and brought here," Tuhy said. "I had the officers go down to Bismarck, because he was going to be released, and they brought him down here and he went straight to jail."

Wetzel allegedly shot Dickinson's Arnold Sickler in the leg after breaking into Sickler's residence.

Wetzel reportedly refused to drop his weapon when police arrived on the scene. He allegedly pointed his weapon at an officer and was then shot in the torso by another, unnamed officer on the scene.

Cianni said authorities are unable to comment about Wetzel's medical condition.

He added interviews with Wetzel are still pending. Tuhy said that because of this, and the fact that the incident is still under investigation, no further information is to be released at this time.

Stark County Assistant State's Attorney Rhonda Ehlis said Wetzel's bond hearing was held Wednesday morning.

"He can be released if he posts $10,000 cash," Ehlis said.

She added that other bond conditions were also set.

"He has to waive extradition to the state of North Dakota if he is released. He can't leave the state without approval of the court. He's not to consume or possess alcohol. He cannot possess firearms. He's to have no contact with the victims in the complaint," Ehlis said.

She added that his preliminary hearing has not yet been scheduled.

Authorities say he spent time in prison for a manslaughter conviction 14 years ago.